María Reyes (WUR) visits the University of Alicante to carry out the first phase of the Spanish case study (Benidorm) of the SIMTWIST project

Dr. María Reyes, researcher of the Department of Environmental Systems Analysis of the University of Wageningen, travelled to Alicante from January 11th until February 5th, in order to carry out together with the team of the University of Alicante (Dr. Antonio Rico, Dr. Sandra Ricart and Dr. Rubén Villar), the first phase of the fieldwork related to the Spanish case study (Benidorm) of the SIMTWIST project. The fieldwork consisted of interviews – previously scheduled – with each of the 11 actors that make up the management model of the Benidorm hydro-social cycle in relation to the tourism-water nexus. Each of the interviews was divided into two sections: the first part consisted of a conceptual map regarding the perception of what a robust integrated water system requires, while the second part consisted of a questionnaire on governance and the capacity to reach agreements on key issues of the water system. The analysis of each stakeholder’s conceptual model is an essential part of the project’s WP3, which focuses on participatory modelling of the water system. On the other hand, the questionnaire is a fundamental component of WP4, which deals with the hydro-social cycle of the city of Benidorm.