Bas Amelung (WUR), coordinator of the SIMTWIST project, visits the Interuniversity Institute of Geography (University of Alicante)

From November 25th to 30th, Bas Amelung, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences (WUR) and coordinator of the SIMTWIST project, visited the Interuniversity Institute of Geography. During his stay, Bas Amelung has been working with the Spanish colleagues on scientific and teaching activities. Among the main activities carried out are a field visit to the case study of Benidorm and some meetings with stakeholders directly involved in the SIMTWIST project (e.g., the Marina Baja Water Consortium).

Explanation of the management system of the Marina Baja Water Consortium (MBWC) by Jaime Berenguer, chief operating officer.
Attendees to the fieldwork session gathered at the headquarters of the MBWC, in Callosa d’en Sarrià. From left to right: Jaime Berenguer (MBWC), Sandra Ricart (UA), Bas Amelung (WUR) and Antonio Rico (UA).

In respect of teaching, Bas Amelung has gave a “Tourism’s Carbon Footprint” lecture to students from BSc Degree in Tourism and Master’s Degree in Planning and Management of Natural Risks. This lecture had a theoretical-practical nature in which, for example, attendees could calculate the carbon footprint of their last trip through a mobile application.

Conference held on Tuesday, November 26, at the Aulari II of the University of Alicante