Tourist sector

Servizio Turismo, Commercio e Sport- Regione Emilia-Romagna – Regione Emilia-Romagna

Regional office promoting development of the regional tourism economy and the qualification of accommodation facilities and tourist areas.

AIA (Associazione Italiana Albergatori) Rimini

Main hotel accommodation association in the Rimini municipality. It defends the interests of its members (80% of municipal hotels) and helps them in optimizing their business by interfacing with local institutions to improve current contract terms and laws and by promoting new initiatives.

Cooperativa Bagnini Rimini Sud

Main association of the managers of the bathing establishments association in the Rimini municipality.


Ten hotels in the city of Rimini collaborate with the SIMTWIST project, allowing to carry out surveys to hotel tourists in their facilities: the purpose is to analyse their behavior concerning their water consumption and their perception about potential water-saving measures. These hotels are Hotel Capri; Hotel Ivano; Hotel La Gioiosa; Hotel Mary Fleur; Hotel Nella; Hotel Palos; Hotel Perù; Hotel Principe; Hotel Sovrana; Hotel Tritone. In Hotel Palos and Hotel Sovrana it was already installed by Hera (at the beginning of July 2021) a smart water meter able to record and transmit daily readings.