Water supply sector

Romagna Acque – Società delle Fonti SpA

Public-owned company formed by the three provinces of Rimini, Ravenna and Forli’-Cesena (forming the “Romagna” part of the Emilia-Romagna administrative region) and all their municipalities. It owns and manages all the water sources (since 2009) in such provinces. It manages the main Ridracoli reservoir (located in the Apennine in the Forli’ province and supplying around half the urban water supplied to the entire Romagna region) and also all the local sources (small surface sources and all the groundwater sources). They also treat the water to drinking standards and then convey it to measurement points directly inside the city networks.

Hera SpA

Urban water utility for all the Romagna provinces. It is a private water company, listed in the stock exchange but with a majority of shares owned by public bodies. They manage urban water distribution, buying wholesale water from Romagna Acque. They also manage waste-water collection and wastewater treatments plants.

Emilia-Romagna Region and ATERSIR

The Emilia-Romagna administrative region is the one responsible by law to be in charge of the provision of water supply service. ATERSIR is the regional public entity responsible for the majority of the management, economic and financial issues related to water services (and municipal waste). It regulates the contracts with the water utilities for water distribution to the customers and to define the tariffs.

Comune di Rimini – Assessorato per l’ambiente

The municipality is the owner of the physical infrastructures of the water distribution system, but they are managed and maintained by the utility (Hera) during the years of the contract. The municipal office responsible for environmental themes is the “Assessorato ambiente, sviluppo sostenibile, start up, identità dei luoghi, protezione civile, statistica e toponomastica”.